BIOCOSMOS: Our Sense of Place, Our Sense of Life in the Universe

The workshop has been organized by the OCAV (Origin and Conditions of Appearance of Life) program at Paris Sciences-Lettres Research University and the CNRS-ENS-Arizona International Center for Interdisciplinary and Global Environmental Studies (iGLOBES).


The workshop aims at breaking through disciplinary boundaries by bringing together a mix of astronomers, Earth scientists, ecologists, and anthropologists to discuss how our understanding of life and nature as integrated systems advances and evolves as we become able to assemble and control complex artificial ecosystems on Earth, prepare to send and use such ecosystems on the Moon and Mars, search for alien life and ecosystems on other planets and planetary bodies, and push the boundaries of our exploration of the distant universe. 


The first day of the workshop (February 1), Mojave Room 9am-5:30pm, will focus on the design and control of complex model ecosystems. Invited keynote presentations will be complemented with short talks and posters by graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, and a roundtable discussion. Closed session.


The second day of the workshop (February 2), Lower Habitat 10am-4pm will focus on how breakthroughs in space science and exploration affect our understanding of life and nature as an integrated system. Invited keynote lectures will be followed by a roundtable discussion. Open to the public.


Confirmed speakers: John Adams (Biosphere 2, Univ. Arizona), Joffrey Becker (Anthropology, Collège de France/Paris Sciences-Lettres Univ.), Chris Impey (Astronomy, Univ. Arizona), Gene Giacomelli (Biosystems Engineering, Univ. Arizona), Dante Lauretta (Astronomy, Univ. Arizona), Lisa Messeri (Anthropology, Yale Univ.), Perig Pitrou (Anthropology, Collège de France/Paris Sciences-Lettres Univ.), Istvan Praet (Anthropology, Univ. Roehampton, London), Valerie Olson (Anthropology, UC Irvine), Marcia Rieke (Astronomy, Univ. Arizona), Peter Troch (Hydrology, Univ. Arizona/Biosphere 2 Science Director).


Opening remarks by Joaquin Ruiz, Biosphere 2 Director, Dean of Science, Univ. Arizona.


TO ATTEND, FREE REGISTRATION IS REQUESTED: please send an email to this address with your name, institution, and field of expertise.


FOR POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS AND GRADUATE STUDENTS: if you wish to apply for a contribution (short talk or poster or both) in the first-day program (February 1), please write to this address with the following information: your name and institution; the title(s) and short abstract(s) of your proposed contribution(s); relevant publications (if applicable); and your bio or résumé.


BIOCOSMOS Workshop organizing committee

Perig Pitrou, Collège de France/Paris Sciences-Lettres University

Istvan Praet, University of Roehampton, London

Regis Ferriere, iGLOBES International Research Center/CNRS, ENS, University of Arizona

Kevin Bonine, Biosphere 2/University of Arizona

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