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At the intersection of several disciplines (sociology, anthropology, political science), my current research focuses on environmental fears and how ecological crises reconfigure our relationship with the world.


I defended my thesis in 2009 at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris (EHESS) on the moral treatment of sex tourism - published in a rewritten version under the title No Money, No Honey. Économies intimes du tourisme sexuel en Thaïlande (La Découverte, 2011). This initial work elucidated the social construction of a moral prohibition, proposing a historical and ethnographic review of 'sex tourism'. Inspired by gender studies and feminist anthropology, I expanded my interest in sexuality by managing the French journal Genre, sexualité et société for several years, and translating into French Ann L. Stoler's book Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule, Berkeley, University of California Press, 2002 (La Chair de l’empire. Savoirs intimes et pouvoirs raciaux en régime colonial, Paris, La Découverte, 2013).


In the 2010s, I was a post-doc member of the European Reseach Council (ERC) Morals project led by Didier Fassin. A multidisciplinary team, I did research on the treatment of minors considered 'delinquents' using the ethnography of a court-appointed center in the suburbs of Paris. I was mostly interested in the moral education, the enforced pedagogy and the common procedures of racialization. The main results were published in the book Juger, Réprimer, Accompagner. Essai sur la morale de l’État, Paris, Le Seuil, 2013 (translated into English, At the Heart of the State: The Moral World of Institutions, London, Pluto Press, 2015).


In 2011, I joined CNRS, first as a researcher at the Centre Européen de Sociologie et Science Politique (CESSP) in Paris, then the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Solidarités, Sociétés, Territoires (LISST) in Toulouse where I was head of the Centre d’anthropologie sociale for 3 years. Proposing a new method of anthropological investigation - fragmented ethnography - I developed original research on the disappearance of international adoption and the 'moralization' of the circulation of children, with investigations in France, Vietnam and Ethiopia: Sang d’encre. Essai sur la fin de l’adoption internationale, Paris, Vendémiaire, 2022. At the same time, I led the Ethopol project on the institutional regulation of families and the new types of emotional upbringing (that resulted in the book coordinated with Anne-Sophie Vozari (dir.), Familles: nouvelle génération, Paris, Presses Universitaires de France).


In September 2021, I became Deputy Director of iGLOBES in order to develop a new round of research on the environmental crisis - mixing several on-going projects on the (non-?)ecological futures and how the likelihood of extinction and disaster transforms our relationship with life, ourselves and others.

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