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iGLOBES is a CNRS - ENS/PSL University - University of Arizona research laboratory, created to establish a hub of collaborative interactions between the French scientific community and UA researchers, fostering innovative interdisciplinary research on global environmental challenges. For more information...

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September 1, 2021


A message from iGLOBES Director, Regis Ferriere:


"It is with mixed feelings that I am writing to inform you that François-Michel Le Tourneau is about to complete his term as iGLOBES Deputy Director and will be leaving us at the end of August. On the bright side, I am delighted and excited to introduce iGLOBES new Deputy Director, CNRS sociologist and anthropologist Dr. Sebastien Roux, who has just arrived in Tucson!


Working with François-Michel has been a blast. As you know, François-Michel is a fantastic researcher, and his production in the last four years was amazing. Leading cutting-edge research on American geography, he published many papers and multiple books, including the monumental award-winning "L'Amazonie". At iGLOBES, François-Michel played a critical role in reinforcing and developing multiple lines of collaboration with university teams, including Tumamoc Hill, the Udall Center, the Water Resource Research Center, the School of Geography, Development & Environment, the School of Information, the Data Science Institute, and the College of Law. His contribution to the scientific and strategic positioning of iGLOBES at CNRS and with our university partners, especially Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris Sciences & Lettres University, and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, has been instrumental. And I cannot emphasize enough how his everyday upbeat presence (when not going for a stroll to the top of our mountains or in the deep of the Amazon) and constant generosity has been a joy to all of us, iGLOBES colleagues and visitors alike. Upon his return to France, François-Michel will join the PRODIG CNRS lab in geography. From there he will stay in touch with iGLOBES and continue to support the cooperation between CNRS and UArizona, especially through the Pima County Human-Environment Observatory.


As we already miss François-Michel, please join me in welcoming Dr. Sebastien Roux, CNRS researcher previously affiliated at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. Dr. Roux is well known for his ethnographic research on transnational intimacies, affectivities and moralities. In 2020, Sebastien started a new research program, organized around futurities and ecological anxieties in France and the USA, and taking a particular interest in social, gender, and racial inequalities. His work has been published in the primary francophone journals in sociology, political science, and anthropology (Revue française de sociologie, Politix, Ethnologie française), as well as internationally (Ethnography, Social Anthropology, French Politics, Culture & Society). At iGLOBES, Sebastien Roux will develop a broad ethnographic research agenda on "environmental futures". His work will be instrumental to strengthen our connections and collaborations with multiple units across the university, especially the Schools of Anthropology, Sociology, Government and Public Policy, and the College of Humanities. 


With the invaluable support of our iGLOBES Program Manager Ruth Gosset, I can't wait to be part of, or at least facilitate to the best of my ability, all the exciting new research that will happen with Sebastien at iGLOBES, and see this contribute to the scope and impact of our new Arizona-France Institute for Global Grand Challenges. And of course, we look forward to nurturing the spectacular research roadmap that François-Michel has established here." 


--Regis Ferriere, Director of iGLOBES and Deputy Director of the Arizona-France Institute for Global Grand Challenges