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BIOCOSMOS - Our Sense of Place, Our Sense of Life in the Universe

February 1-2 at Biosphere 2, Oracle Arizona

The workshop aims at breaking through disciplinary boundaries by bringing together a mix of astronomers, Earth scientists, ecologists, and anthropologists to discuss how our understanding of life and nature as integrated systems advances and evolves as we become able to assemble and control complex artificial ecosystems on Earth, prepare to send and use such ecosystems on the Moon and Mars, search for alien life and ecosystems on other planets and planetary bodies, and push the boundaries of our exploration of the distant universe. 

See further information and register.

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Drôle de guerre en forêt, la suite du trek dans la forêt guyanaise de @7bornes dans le Journal de @CNRS http://ow.ly/xdsX30hQxH6 
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"An Investigation on the Interaction of Wildfire and Grazing as a Management Tool", a report by one of our small grant winners. http://ow.ly/TCnd30hQxwp 
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Vendredi soir....Comment ne pas renverser sa bière ? - ZdS#2, une vidéo de @CNRS http://ow.ly/fxbj30hKsnA 
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