Upcoming events

BIOCOSMOS - Our Sense of Place, Our Sense of Life in the Universe

Organized by Dr. Perig Pitrou (Collège of France), Dr. Istvan Praet (University of Roehampton), Dr. Régis Ferrière (University of Arizona & ENS) and Dr. Kevin Bonine (University of Arizona), the worshop will take place at Biosphere 2 February 1-2, 2018.

Recent activity

Resilience and complexity, a Udall Center & UMI iGLOBES workshop

Nov. 6-8, the Udall center of the University of Arizona and the UMI iGLOBES held an international workshop on “Resilience and complexity: frameworks and models to capture social-ecological interactions”. The objective of the workshop was to address issues linked to the use and conception of conceptual frameworks and models in the assessment of socio-ecological processes. The workshop put a particular emphasis on the question of integrating resilience and complexity theories in those endeavors to further an understanding of local and transboundary resilience to global change. By bringing together specialists from different countries and US universities, the workshop's purpose was to build a network on those issues and strengthen the cooperation between the UMI and the Udall center, collectively identifying opportunities for interdisciplinary research projects that enhance societal and environmental outcomes.

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UMI IGlobes has a new team in town ! https://www.cnrs-univ-arizona.net/welcome-to-iglobes/who-we-are/the-team/ …
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On his recent trip, François-Michel Le Tourneau met illegal Gold miners in French Guiana https://www.cnrs-univ-arizona.net/ 
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