Welcome to iGLOBES

iGLOBES is a CNRS - ENS/PSL University - University of Arizona research center, created to establish a hub of collaborative interactions between the French scientific community and UA researchers, fostering innovative interdisciplinary research on global environmental challenges. For more information...


2020-2021 pima county observatory Grant winners

*David Blanchon, Tipping point and sentinels : monitoring, interpreting and managing environmental changes in southern Arizona

*Larry Fisher, Building capacity to assess watershed health, water quality, and the anticipated impacts of mining in Southern Arizona

*Brigitte Juanals, Communication and environmental issues surrounding the Rosemont mine project (Pima County, Arizona, Southwest United States)

*Luis Novo, Distribution and accumulation of metals in soil and vegetation surrounding a molybdenum roasting facility at the Sierrita mine, Pima County

*Franck Poupeau, Cowboy ecology revisited

*Anne Sourdril, SONATAS (Listening to the SOunds of NATure to undersTAnd global environmental changeS)