The current pandemic is revealing underlying structures and reactions that could appear invisible at times by the economic globalization that has predominated for the past fifteen years. If this is true for most of the planet, it is especially prominent in the Americas where each country is independently confronting the epidemic, according to its political conjuncture and ideological framework. This brings up a variety of different issues: what is the private health sector's involvement in the United States? How does one fight against the pandemic when the economic situation is extremely hard in Venezuela? What political fallout will there be with the Brazilian president's denial of the problem? Could Cuba's isolation ironically protect it? The issue of the COVID-19 sickness and the virus that is at its origin, SARS-COV-2 therefore leads us to reinterpret the Americas in order to see what weaknesses remain alive and what new dynamics are emerging. Will the current crisis kill the significant circulation of men and merchandise on a continent that has intensely promoted it? Can American leadership survive the United States government's bad management of this crisis? Are countries that are much less equiped destined to become the new reservoirs of the new virus, marginalized once again because of it?


The goal of the COVID-AM blog is to give perspectives on all these topics, but also to provide evidence on what the situation is today in the different countries on the American continent. It will be a temporary initiative that will last while we are in crisis - we hope as short as possible - as well as several months after in order to analyze everything with hindsight.


The COVID-AM blog is a partnership between the UMI iGLOBES and the Institut des Amériques.


Coordinators: François-Michel Le Tourneau, Deputy Director of UMI iGLOBES and Senior Researcher (CNRS) and Marion Magnan, Researcher at the Institut des Amériques.


Team members: Guillermo Vargas, Communications Manager (Institut des Amériques), Ruth Gosset, CNRS Program Manager (iGLOBES)